k-SORT. Kidney Solid Organ Response Test

Product family:

Product family:
Immunology and Transplant

k-SORT is a proteomic–based diagnostic tools to advance the standard of care for patients with solid organ transplants.

Current challenge is the absence of a highly sensitive, early and accurate molecular test that indicates the risk and prevalence of acute rejection (AR) independent of the invasive biopsy procedure.

k-SORT is the first predictive and prognostic test for renal transplant rejection and surveillance that clinicians can use to follow the alloimmune response over time. It is designed to detect AR prior to the onset of clinical symptoms.

It is a non invasive genomic test that studies the expression profile of 17 genes from whole blood samples and does not require biopsy.



  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Averts the need for invasive and painful biopsy
  • Simple blood-draw
  • Improves long-term outcome
  • Improved graft health


The service is performed in the United States for the moment.

Recommended testing schedule:

Year 1:  5x

1)  1-2  weeks

2)  1 months

3)  3 months

4)  6 months

5)  12 months

 Year 2 onwards: 2-3x / year; specially in high-risk patients

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