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Pathofinder Kits - Multiplex diagnosis of infectious diseases

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Product family:


Fragment analysis

PathoFinder products are designed for a rapid detection and identification of multiple human pathogens in clinical samples.

They are based on their proprietary SmartFinder® and MultiFinder® multi-PCR technologies or on real-time PCR. With PathoFinder multiplex PCR products, up to 22 pathogens can be easily identified in a single assay. RealAccurate® products include monocuple and quadruplex real-time PCR assays.


Detected human infectious diseases include: Infections of the respiratory tracts, gastroenteritis, viral meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases and human papillomavirus infections.

There are different types of kits depending on the technology and the analyzed pathogens:



  • RespiFinder 2Smart. 18 Viruses + 4 Bacteria in 1 test More
  • MeningoFinder 2Smart. 12 Viruses + 8 bacteria + 2 fungi in 1 test More
  • GastroFinder 2Smart. 5 Viruses + 9 groups of bacteria + 4 parasites in 1 test More
  • STD-Finder 2Smart. 2 Viruses + 5 bacteria (and AB resistances) + 1 parasite in 1 test More


  • RespiFinder 22. 18 Viruses + 4 Bacteria in 1 test


  • Quadruplex Respiratory PCR Kits. Different combinations of viruses and respiratory bacteria More
  • Quadruplex Mycobacteria PCR Kits. All members of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex+ clinically significant nontuberculous mycobacteria More


See individual product sheets for more information about each kit.

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