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In order to improve skills and tissue typing knowledge, GenDx offers comprehensive training in Sequencing-Based HLA Typing (HLA SBT and NGS) through present and online conferences through their Training School.

They also host informative webinars that will help you understand how the reagents and software work.

Below there is a summary of the recent training activities.


Next trainings and webinars:


Get updated with the newest features of NGSengine

September 3, 2019. Online.

In this webinar, Hannah Monsuur, Technical Support Specialist, will guide you through the newest NGSengine features (version 2.14) and describe the latest important software improvements.

Topics, contributing to the efficiency of NGSengine:

  • Improvements made to speed up the analysis
  • Optimized typing resolution
  • Easy sample organization with groups
  • Advanced sample filter options




Learn multiplexed HLA typing by NGS


October 16 - 18, 2019. Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The 2.5 day intensive training course teaches participants NGS-Based HLA Typing from the basics up to advanced levels. It includes hands-on laboratory work of the complete NGS HLA workflow and data analysis.

  • Theoretical knowledge of NGS for HLA
  • Hands-on training of multiplexed NGS HLA typing: One-Day-Workflow
  • Demonstrating multiple NGS platforms
  • Training on data analysis with NGSengine® through case studies
  • Send your own genomic DNA samples for typing



Last sessions:


Excluding ambiguities with NGSgo: an all exon strategy for typing HLA-DRB1

July 2, 2019. Online.

View recording  here


Learn multiplexed HLA typing by NGS

June 12 - 14, 2019. Utrecht, The Netherlands.

View recording  here


What’s next for NGS: allele-level KIR typing with NGSgo and NGSengine

May 21, 2019. Online. 

View recording  here


The power of NGS: Unraveling 3 alleles in a clinical sample

April 16, 2019. Online. 

View recording  here


Automation of the NGSgo workflow

March 27, 2019. Online. TECAN

View recording  here


Accelerate HLA amplification with NGSgo-AmpX v2

March 19, 2019. Online.

View recording  here


HLA Training school - NGS-Based Typing HLA

February 20 - February 22, 2019. Utrecht, The Netherlands.


NGSengine in daily practice: How to deal with a new allele

February 26, 2019. Online.

View recording  here


Multiplexed NGS HLA typing using the One-Day Workflow (CET)

Tue, 29 January 2019 12:00 – 12:30 CET

View recording  here


Webinar: Long-read sequencing for HLA genotyping

12:00 - 12:30 / December 18, 2018. Online.

View recording  here


Automation of the NGS HLA workflow

20 Nov 2018. Online.

12:00 h.

View recording  here


Guide to fast and reliable NGS results

July 4, 2018. Online.


View recording  here


Peculiar encounters in NGS data

July 3th, 2018. Online.

12:00 h.

View recording  here


​KMRengine: Chimerism Data Management Made Easy

February 28, 2018. Online.

Get to know the new KMRengine for chimerism analysis.

View recording  here


NGS Beyond HLA Typing MICA & MICB

​​January 30, 2018. Online.

MICA and MICB play a role in the immune response after transplantation. The webinar will discuss how to type MICA and MICB with NGS.

View recording here



Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

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