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- Product Updates: RBC-Ready Gene Rare ID and RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend 

There are new features regarding two of the available RBC kits (Fluogene and ReadyGene) that will be launched on August 2019.

- RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend: A new primer-probe mix for detection of RHD*01W.59 (D weak type 59) will be incorporated in the test system.

- RBC-Ready Gene Rare ID: New primer mixes for detection of LW*A und LW*B will be incorporated. The number of reactions keeps the same.. 

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- NEW GeneFiX Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector

Analyze the oral microbiome from saliva samples for subsequent microbial studies, key indicators of health.

- Recobinant Blood Group Antigens and Dara EX

Optimize the blood group genotyping and the compatibility in your patient's transfusions with the NEW KITS for specific blocking of high frequency antigens and neutralizing the interference by Daratumumab respectively. 

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- NGS Myeloid Solution, now CE-IVD (SOPHiA GENETICS)

Solution for the clinical diagnosis of myeloid disorders, by studying 30 genes by NGS.

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- Know more about the new NGSgo®-AmpX MICA, MICB kit

Whole-gene amplification of MICA and MICB by Next-Generation Sequencing. RUO

- The Solid Tumor Solution by NGS, now also for Liquid Biospsia!

Study of 42 genes associated, but not limited, to lung cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma and glioma, with very high coverage.

- New NGSgo IndX plates. Simplify your NGSgo workflow

Minimized risk of pipetting errors.  For automated workflows (Illumina platforms)

- Now, 13 Blood Group Systems typing in one assay

New RBC-FluoGene vERYfy eXtend. Combining RHD, RHCE, KEL, JK, FY, MNS, DO, LU, YT, DI, VEL, CO and KN (including the complete
Rhesus D typing)

- Genotyping patients treated with Daratumumab

Treatment with Daratumumab in patients with multiple myeloma may interfere with blood compatibility tests.

- Lophius Biosciences launches the new generation of the T-Track® CMV ELISpot kit. Check the news!

Analysis of the immune response to cytomegalovirus, now with increased user convenience and a support software for an an easy and fast evaluation.

- CE-IVD Clinical NGS Analytic Solution for HEREDITARY CANCER Applications (by SOPHiA GENETICS)

The Hereditary Cancer Solution (HCS) is a molecular diagnostic application that bundles the analytical power of Sophia with a capture-based target enrichment kit and full access to SOPHiA DDM® platform.

- New GENVINSET kits for the study of inherited thrombotic disorders (FII, FV Leiden, MTHFR)

Diagnosis of the most frequent mutations associated with venous thrombosis: FII G20210A, FV G1691A and MTHFR C677T.

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- Comprehensive Diagnosis of Infectious Disease Panels by RT-PCR

Infections of the respiratory tracts, gastroenteritis, viral meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases, HPV, fungal infections...

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-  SensiScreen Liquid - Somatic mutations by real time (liquid biopsy)

CE-IVD reagents for the detection of somatic mutations by Liquid Biopsy. Also available for FFPE.

- New LabGscan FRAXA KIT - Comprehensive X-Fragile Diagnostics (including female zygosity)

Diagnostic of Fragile X Syndrome and other related disorders (such as FXPOI or FXTAS) 

- Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) - gbONCO CLL Kit

Launch of a new kit which is used for the prognosis of patients with Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) by RT-PCR technology.

- New kit Adellgene Huntington Disease

Renewed kit for the detection of the number of repeats of the CAG triplet in the IT15 gene (HTT) by fluorescent fragment analysis.

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- Launch of the new Origen´s Transfer Bag

These blood bags allows preservation and sterile administration of blood components, moreover it includes a range of access points so that you can ensure you can process your products as you needed. 

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- Launch of the new MIA FORA™ NGS FLEX

The HLA Typing Assay that provides comprehensive coverage of up to 11 HLA using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)​. Now available as Research Use Only (RUO) and CE Marked for IVD use.

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- GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collection Device, now CE-IVD marked

Thanks to its stabilizing solution, GeneFiX™ Saliva devices collect the saliva sample and stabilize the DNA for at least 36 months at room temperature.

- NEW POLYMERS for ABI Genetic Analyzers

New NimaPOP-4, NimaPOP-6 and NimaPOP-7 separation matrices compatible with ALL ABI Genetic Analyzers.

- HLA NGS - Extended CE-IVD certificate!

CE-IVD certificate now includes the NGSgo® workflow compatible with Illumina and AlleleSEQR® HLA CombiKits.

- New Antibodies for PGP 9.5 - Neuroscience 

Very well used and popular antibodies used in Neuropathology research. For Human, Mouse and Rat samples.

- Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) ​Illumina TruSight Panels available

Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) of specific genetic diseases or conditions.​ 

- Familial Mediterranean Fever Diagnosis - Elucigene FMF Panel

Simultaneous detection of human 7 Familial Mediterranean Fever gene mutations

- NGSengine® software CE-IVD marked for Next-Generation Sequencing HLA typing

Base your reporting classification on In Vitro Diagnostics in accordance with the prevailing directives in Europe.

- PAXgene ™ Blood RNA System tubes: stabilization and purification of intracellular RNA

Discover also the wide range of BD Vacutainer Specialist Blood Collection Tubes for molecular biology testing.

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